Why to Fit a Driveway Motion Sensor


hereA driveway motion sensor is a terrific way to alert a property or business owner if anyone is entering or leaving their property. They can be used in a private setting to alert homeowners about intruders as well as in commercial premises to alert staff that a customer has entered their business.

This type of alarm system can be configured to suit the individual needs of each owner and setting. There are many benefits to having one. The detection range can be customized to provide a complete security system for any type of property.

The three main types of motion sensor are:

* Infrared driveway sensors

* Ultrasonic motion sensor

* Microwave sensors

All of these sensors transmit a signal towards a receiver which sounds an alert when motion is detected. One potential problem with early motion sensor alarms was the number of false alarms. The sensors could be easily triggered by dogs and other small animals. These problem areas can be addressed with a variety of detection settings.

Some parents use these types of sensor to ensure that their children don’t wander off down the driveway which can be a terrific reverse usage and can give the parents of young children peace of mind. The newer, modern sensors are incredibly accurate and detect all sorts of motion.

Common Usage of A Driveway Motion Sensor

The most common usages of this type of motion sensor on a driveway or entry point include:

*Installing a driveway sensor system in a commercial property. This means that if members of staff are away from the main sales floor, perhaps in a store room or office they will be alerted when customers enter the premises.


* Installing a sensor system onto the driveway of a private property. This will alert the homeowner of any intruders on their property. They can be customized to alert the homeowner to only larger objects like cars or can be setup to detect human and animal intruders. They can be customized to raise the alarm for either or both types of intruder.

* Some driveway sensors have the capability to be expanded and used in multiple zones. This can alert a homeowner if anyone enters an area like the backyard or the driveway – alerting when people enter and also leave their property.

Many of these advanced receivers can be set-up with different alarm sounds for different locations which can be extremely handy for a larger property. They can also be set up with personalized messages and alerts which are customized to the type of object which has been detected.

A range of accessories are available to work in conjunction with these alarm systems if needed include:

* Multiple receivers can be provided if necessary

* Two-way communication may be an optional extra

* Telephone alerts for when the property owner is not at their premises

* Additional motion detector lights

Whatever type of premises you have, installing this type of motion sensor system can help to keep your property, family and belongings safe and sound from intruders as well as your family safe and secure on your property.