The Driveway Alert Motion Detector


Luxury Home With ColumnsIf you own a business premise or a home you must install driveway alert motion detector as part of your security. This device is capable of detecting people and vehicles. The device will provide driveway monitoring for your home or property on a 24/7 basis.

It has an electromagnetic detector that will detect a vehicle exiting or entering the driveway and alert you. This device can be used in monitoring parked boats, motorcycles, RVs and ATV.

The device is a great choice of a driveway detector that will guard your premises on 24 hours a day. The device can be put to several applications including installing it to your business premises to detect the arrival of a client or can be used in the home to let you know that your car is still parked in its yard or notify you when someone is pulling into your driveway.

These type of detectors can detect any automobile within a range of 400 feet. This keeps you safe and ensures that your home is safe and secure. When a car passes within this range, it will send a signal to your home or the office. You can also set the device so that it sends you the alerts in several locations in your business premises or home.

This device will not notify you when a car enters your driveway. It will only detect moving metal objects that are big enough. This is important in ensuring that false detections are avoided. The motion detector will announce when unwelcome visitors pop in. It can be plugged into a standard outlet or can be placed on a flat surface mounted on the wall. You can place receivers in strategic places in your home or your business to ensure that you get informed of any new arrival on the compound.


You can install the in ground sensor anywhere along the driveway so that vehicles passing can easily be detected. It is important to have the transmitter hidden in the bushes so as to conceal it. However, care must be taken so that it does not get damaged or damage vehicles or lawnmowers.

You have an option of burying the driveway alert motion detector sensor 12 inches below the surface to conceal it further. Luckily, it is designed in such a way that its performance cannot be affected by such concealment. However, the transmitter will perform optimally if it is not concealed and if its path is clear. This means that the transmitter must be hidden at a height of about 18 inches above the ground. Ensure that the transmitter wires are run through a conduit. This is important because they can easily be damaged by rodents. You can use a 2” PVC pipe to protect it from shovels and rodents.

Placing receivers in different places guarantees that you will receive the alert when it’s transmitted. If there are trees, foliage and building in sight they may reduce the transmitting range. Metallic buildings may block signals thus; you may be forced to place the indoor unit to the window facing the outdoor sensor.