Selecting The Right Driveway Motion Detector Alarm System


The word ChoicesProtecting one’s home and property are often the most important consideration for a homeowner. Burglary, theft, and vandalism are almost constant possibilities and a homeowner may be very concerned for the safety and security of their property. One of the best ways to protect a property is to install a driveway motion detector alarm system.

These alarm systems are based on motion sensors, placed in and around the driveway to detect intruders, unwanted visitors, and even animals. Depending upon the type of sensor, an alarm will alert on when a vehicle approaches or notify the homeowner when anything, people, animal or vehicle, is on the driveway.

Driveway motion detectors sense an intruder’s movements and their body heat and notifies the property owner of an intrusion. The system may use a variety of methods to set off the alert, including bright lights and loud noises, but most also either message the home owner via text or autodial the authorities.

The driveway alarm system constantly monitors the property’s entry and exit points and alerts on people, vehicles, and animals who trip the sensors. The sensors may be set to alert only at certain levels, such as when a person or vehicle crosses, but not when an animal does. This can help limit the number of false notifications because of animals.

With the increasing number of home invasions, the driveway motion detection alarm industry is growing rapidly. This means a homeowner has a choice in the type of driveway alarm system they choose.

Wireless Driveway Motion Detectors

These alarms work remotely, without any hardwiring required. The primary benefit of this type of alarm sensor is that it can be installed after a property is built. This means it may be much less expensive to install a wireless driveway alert system in an existing home since there is no need for hardwiring.

These alarms come with very robust motion sensors which detect a full range of intruders. The sensors are simple to install and, depending upon the configuration selected by the homeowner, may not need to be professionally set up.


Wired Driveway Motion Detectors

These type of motion sensors are more traditional. They are hardwired, so should be installed while a property is being built. If not, installing them later may call for quite a bit of construction work.

These motion sensors are less expensive than wireless, which makes them a good buy if they are installed during construction. These sensors also typically use a magnetic sensor which is great at detecting vehicles, but may not be able to detect heat signatures on people or animals.

Infrared Alarms

The motion sensor industry has come a long way and today, infrared alarms are the latest and best technology available. These alarms can detect almost anything that moves within their range, including people, animals, and vehicles.

They can be set up wirelessly and have a good range of communication from transmitter to receiver. This means they may be used almost anywhere on a property, expanding the options for intruder detection and prevention.

Property owners who want to secure and protect their property should invest in a good driveway motion detector alarm system. This is the first point of entry for many intruders and stopping them here can make a big difference in the keeping the residence and property safe.