Great Reasons To Purchase A Driveway Sensor For Home Or Business Use


good choice - bad choiceOne very economical and practical form of security for home or business is a driveway sensor. This handy little gadget lets people inside a home or business know when there is a vehicle or person in the driveway.

How Does It Work?

The device acts as a sensor and as a receiver. The sensor is installed in the driveway, and the receiver is installed inside the building. When a vehicle, person or other large moving object passes, the sensor is activated. It then sends a signal to the receiver.

When this happens, an alarm goes off. This does not have to be an unpleasant experience, though. Users can select from a variety of sounds or other types of alerts. For example, the user might program the device to emit a beep, whistle, music, flashing light or other form of alert.

Users Can Select Just The Right Features

Driveway alert systems come with lots of different features to suit the needs of just about any home or business. There are both wireless and wired models. The wireless models are extremely easy to install; however, they cost a little more than those that are wired.

It is also possible to get driveway alert systems that are equipped with solar sensors. This is very convenient because the batteries will always be charged with no effort from the user.

Fine Tuning Is Possible

There are systems that only detect vehicles that may enter the driveway of a business or home. These types of systems work by using a metal sensor or probe for the detection of vehicles entering the drive.


Another type of sensor that is more sensitive is the type that works using and infrared motion detector (aka: break beam). This type of sensor can be set up to sound an alert for vehicles, people on foot or even smaller animals. Of course, whatever passes by must break the light beam to be detected.

How Can A Driveway Sensor Help?

There are many excellent benefits to having a driveway alert sensor installed in the drive of any home or business. Here are just a few:

Vehicles parked on the property will be protected. This goes for personal vehicles, employees vehicles, fleet vehicles, expensive machinery and so on. Additionally, items of value stored in vehicles will also be protected.

A driveway alert can be set up to monitor any area. Several systems can be used to provide notification of a number of entry points in a large property. These devices are often used in this manner to monitor large structures such as greenhouses, warehouses and storage buildings.

Always Be Ready!

With a reliable sensor system in place, there are fewer surprises. There will always be at least a few moments notice when delivery people, guests and others turn up unexpectedly. This gives those within the home or business time to prepare properly for visitors, deliveries and others. These few moments can help house-holders avoid startling encounters and help business people gain an edge!