Driveway Motion Sensors – An Easy Way To Spot Intruders


Little girl using a telescopeDriveway motion sensors alert people of any potential intruder long before the person reaches the door or window. Both wireless and wired sensors offer several other conveniences as well, making them an ideal driveway security products for homes and property. In this article, one will be able to get handy information about the driveway alarms basics as how they can be of help and service to a home owner.

The key to a driveway motion alarm is the motion detecting sensor that is installed at the foot of the driveway. If any large object passes over the sensor, an alert is sent over to the receiver inside the house(basically known as a chime box). The alert from a driveway alarm often sounds like a door bell which uses a loud enough tone that is not unpleasant. However, most of the alarms offer adjustable tone volume to meet once requirements.

Most alarms use infrared motion sensors that are very reliable. They do not trigger alerts from small animals like dogs, but they are more like a driveway safety net that keeps the kids in. The sensors will alert the home owner once a vehicle, a bicycle or a pedestrian starts to come up the driveway towards the house. Also, one has the choice of buying systems with multiple channels for monitoring various approaches to one%u2019s home.

Driveway motion sensors alarm systems may be wired or wireless. Wired ones may be more reliable but they cost more and are expensive to install since things like trenches need to be provided for running the wire to ones home. In new constructions, where walkways and yards have not been installed, a wireless alarms makes more sense. They might as well be ideal for homes that have long driveways, especially where the property is highly wooded and transmitting a wireless signal becomes difficult. In existing homes, wireless alarm systems offer a lot of benefits. They are quick to install, affordable and can be used for any type of driveway one may have. They cannot be disrupted by a wire being intentionally or accidentally cut.


If one opts for a wireless driveway motion alarm with a single sensor, then the costs can be less than $100 if the owner decides to install himself. Additional sensors for multichannel unit can cost up to an additional $80 depending on the signal range required. For a wired system, one should expect not less than $250 and can even go up to $500 for the long driveways or the multichannel alarms. Most companies offer driveway alarms as part of the entire home security package. At times, discounts may be available.

However, if one is considering to install a driveway motion alarm system, then it is best to go for the one with multiple channels as they will have a huge coverage on your property for potential intruders. It is undoubtedly true that wired and wireless driveway alarm systems offer a range of uses in terms of home security, convenience and the ultimate safety for the family.