A Wireless Driveway Motion Detector Can Improve The Security Of Your House


security executive chief in front of video monitoring surveillanThe security of your home should be one of your highest priorities. When you and your family are relaxing at home, you want to feel safe in your haven. You want to know if someone is approaching your house, regardless if the person is a friend or stranger, so you can decide on how you will respond.

Obviously, you cannot stay around the outside of your house all the time to monitor what goes on. However, if you use a wireless driveway motion detector, you can monitor the activities in front of your house 24/7. If the sensor detects someone is approaching your house, it will trigger an alarm inside and alert you.

These motion detection systems are available in two types: passive and active. The passive option uses infrared technology and a special lens in order to detect motion. It creates a passive beam of energy and searches for any change in temperature to the temperature in the background. When something warmer is detected, the alarm will sound.

An active system uses photo sensors or electromagnetic technology to continuously emit a signal. When something disrupts this signal, the alarm will be triggered. The detection range can be up to 400 feet, wider than what a passive system can cover. It can detect the approach of a car even before the car reaches your driveway.

The wireless technology provides an advantage in that the detection system can be easily set up and taken down. You can move it to another location quickly if desired. It also runs on battery power. If your neighborhood ever experiences a power outage, your motion detector will still work. This becomes all the more important because burglars like to hide under the cover of darkness. When there is a blackout in the neighborhood, the area becomes more vulnerable to intruders. However, since your motion detector still works, you will still be alerted if an uninvited guest approaches.


A wireless system also cannot be easily disconnected from the alarm by the burglar because there are no wires to cut. You can have it connected to several receivers inside your house so you can hear the alarm from anywhere at home. Because wireless systems are easy to set up, if you have a large house with different entry points, you can monitor each entry point with a motion detector.

Just be sure to check your system’s batteries regularly. If you forget to replace an old battery, your system will not protect your home. A good practice is to incorporate a battery check with one of your regular routines, like when you need to take out the trash bins every week for pick up.

A wireless driveway motion detector can give you better peace of mind. Having one installed will save you from the unpleasant surprise of uninvited guests. When your alarm sounds, you can quickly check through your window if the person approaching your house is friendly or not. You can take the appropriate action in response.